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American Made

Amorphous Glass has taken shape in the form of top quality American Made water pipes. Their handmade pieces are meticulously crafted and available in a variety of sizes and body styles. With their ever growing list of perc styles and an assortment of colorful logos, these durable pieces are just what the doctor ordered.


What really has Amorphous standing above the crowd is the affordable price tag on this high quality, American made glass. Based out of Southern California, the crew at Amorphous Glass has over 28 years in the glass blowing industry. All that experience has come together to develop a reliable manufacturer who knows what customers are looking for in their glass. Specializing in flower pieces with multiple percs and clean lines, each piece comes with a logoed downstem.

Finally an American made piece that isn't crazy expesinve. Thanks, Amorphous

- Paul Johnson -

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Made in the Greater Los Angleses Area

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